A Unique "boiled Fish"

A Unique "boiled Fish"

by Cheongsam by the stove

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For the boiled fish, everyone’s impression should be prosperous. The boiled fish of my dish has become small and fresh, but don’t be confused by the appearance. This dish is spicy or spicy. It's so spicy, it depends on how you grasp it.

If the soup is changed to white soaked radish juice, it will also produce a small fresh pickled fish, which is also refreshing.

The way the fish fillets are slippery in water ensures the tenderness of the fish. In order to look good, it is useless to use a large bowl on the plate. In fact, large bowls are also very suitable. The large blue and white bowl is matched with white fish fillets. The green and red peppers are free and easy, and it is also an extremely high-end family banquet dish.


A Unique "boiled Fish"

1. I use black fish fillets here. In fact, there is a wide range of fish that can be used. Of course, mandarin fish would be better.

A Unique "boiled Fish" recipe

2. I didn't add egg white to the fish fillet, because the tenderness is enough, you can put more chili to eat spicy.

A Unique "boiled Fish" recipe

3. You can also add more pepper to your own taste, and the flavor of the soup should be as strong as possible. I have less water here, and you can add more.

A Unique "boiled Fish" recipe

4. Hot fish fillets are as hot as normal boiled fish.

A Unique "boiled Fish" recipe

5. I also take into consideration the children's problem here. I use less chili, and more red chili will have a lot of spiciness.

A Unique "boiled Fish" recipe


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