Asparagus in Soup

Asparagus in Soup

by Orange fruit

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Asparagus, tender and sweet.
Who is "it" at this time? !

Fresh raw materials, light taste, very suitable for pregnant mothers, because it is rich in folic acid, very beneficial to the brain development of the fetus, green vegetables are also the first choice for pregnant mothers!


Asparagus in Soup

1. The ingredients are prepared to cook the salted duck eggs, take the egg yolk, cut the bacon into slices, pat the garlic, peel and cut into the mince.

Asparagus in Soup recipe

2. Wash the asparagus, break off the hard roots, and shave off the skin near the roots.

Asparagus in Soup recipe

3. Cut into sections with an oblique knife.

Asparagus in Soup recipe

4. Add a little salt to boiling water, blanch the asparagus until cooked, pick up and drain.

Asparagus in Soup recipe

5. Fry the pan, add oil, saute the minced garlic, turn on a low heat, pour in the salted egg yolk, crush, stir fry, and pour in the cooking wine.

Asparagus in Soup recipe

6. Add appropriate amount of boiling water, add bacon and boil until the soup is slightly white, add wolfberry and boil again, add sugar, taste the saltiness, and then decide whether to add salt.

Asparagus in Soup recipe

7. Add the spare asparagus and stir fry to get out of the pot.

Asparagus in Soup recipe


The egg yolk and meat in the recipe are salty, and the ingredients are different each time, so the final salt should be used as appropriate.
For the soup dishes, there can be more soup in the pot, that is, you can put a little more boiling water. This method will give you experience after a try.
If you don’t have bacon, use ham or the like. If you don’t like salted egg yolk, you don’t need to use it. Bone broth and chicken broth are also very good.
Hey, it seems that everything can be variable in this dish. The only constant is that the asparagus at this time is tender and delicious, no matter how delicious.


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