Assorted Egg Fried Rice Ss

Assorted Egg Fried Rice Ss

by selmas

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Assorted Egg Fried Rice Ss

1. Dice Jinhua ham, rinse with water and soak for five minutes to remove the salty taste. Dice green peppers and carrots, and boil them in clean water with peas for 5 minutes. Add a little salt to the eggs and mix well.

2. Put an appropriate amount of salad oil in the pot, and when there are little bubbles, pour in Jinhua ham and sauté until fragrant. Then pour in the eggs and fry them until tender and yellow. Then add rice and stir fry repeatedly. When the rice grains are distinct, add carrots, peas, green peppers, and appropriate amount of salt, and continue to stir fry.

3. Finally, add a spoonful of lard, pour evenly into a small bowl of water, and stir-fry for a few times.


1) The ham needs to be soaked first, otherwise it is too salty. 2) Add lard to make the rice more fragrant, or not add it. 3) Add a small bowl of water before finally out of the pot to keep the rice from drying out, or to melt the salt to make the taste even. 4) Leftover rice and raw rice are the best to make fried rice.


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