Baby Vegetables Roulade

Baby Vegetables Roulade

by Gourmet sister

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It turns out that the baby dishes in the hotel are all wrapped in meat, no wonder it's so delicious~


Baby Vegetables Roulade

1. Put the meat into a meat grinder, add green onion, ginger, cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt, starch, and stir into minced meat

Baby Vegetables Roulade recipe

2. Baby cabbage blanched for use

Baby Vegetables Roulade recipe

3. The minced meat is rolled up on baby cabbage

Baby Vegetables Roulade recipe

4. Put it on the plate and steam for 15 minutes

Baby Vegetables Roulade recipe

5. Pour out the soup, add light soy sauce, water starch and boil until thick, pour it on the cabbage rolls.

Baby Vegetables Roulade recipe


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