Bacon Braised Rice

Bacon Braised Rice

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At school, you can make a simple and convenient picture, but also want to eat delicious, you can only do it yourself.


Bacon Braised Rice

1. Temporary intention, published, so some of the ingredients in the front are not photographed, just prepare all the ingredients, wash them, cut carrots, cut bacon into thin slices, mince garlic seeds, and cut dried chilies into sections (both spicy and Convenient to pick out when eating later)

Bacon Braised Rice recipe

2. After preparing the above ingredients, stir-fry them in a pan, first put two spoons of oil, I put olive oil, it is very fragrant! Then put the garlic seeds in the hot oil and saute, add the bacon and stir-fry. After a little change of color, pour a spoonful of cooking wine, pour peas and diced carrots and stir-fry, finally pour the washed rice and stir-fry, add some Raw extract is fresh (no need to put salt, the salty taste of bacon is fine), stir-fry and pour it into the rice cooker, and the rice can be cooked after normal braising

Bacon Braised Rice recipe


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