Bacon Chicken Wraps

Bacon Chicken Wraps

by Beans

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It’s simple to make, with sauce, and the gentleman who likes chicken breast likes it~"


Bacon Chicken Wraps

1. Ingredients

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

2. Thin slices of chicken breast;

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

3. Marinate the chicken slices with salt, cooking wine, black pepper powder and thyme for half an hour;

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

4. Cut cucumbers and carrots into thin strips about the width of bacon; cut shiitake mushrooms into strips; cut broccoli into small pieces

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

5. Spread the marinated chicken slices on the cutting board, put carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and shiitake mushroom slices and roll them into chicken rolls

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

6. Cut the good bacon in half and roll the chicken roll with a slice of bacon

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

7. Apply a layer of oil after rolling all

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

8. Add some oil to the pan to heat up, add the bacon chicken roll and fry, the bacon joint goes down

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

9. Try to fry for a longer period of time on low heat. During the frying process, keep turning the chicken rolls to make it even, and finally grind in some black peppers

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe

10. Take it out, cut into small pieces, and serve with your favorite sauce

Bacon Chicken Wraps recipe


1. It is best to fry the shiitake mushrooms first and then roll them to make them more fragrant.
2. The frying time can be controlled by yourself, I am afraid that the chicken will not be cooked and frying for about 20 minutes;
3.. When eating, you can choose the juice as you like. I use mustard sauce and lemon juice.


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