Bacon Scallion Fried Rice

Bacon Scallion Fried Rice

by Baby Mom's Kitchen

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Here is a staple food that you never get tired of: fried rice.

Many people will definitely say that this can also be a recipe, and everyone can. In other words, although fried rice is simple, there are some tips that I need to talk about here. Let’s talk about the fried rice at Baoma’s house. The ingredients are very simple. It is also fried, but mine is definitely better. Why? Because of the clever use of green onion!
What's more about chopped green onion? Isn’t it just putting chopped green onion? But that’s not the case. After Bao’s mother tried it, the younger son liked to eat his brother’s fried rice. The ingredients were rice and eggs. I wonder if it’s all the same, and it tastes better than mine. I tasted it, and it was indeed better than what I cooked. I asked him how to make it. The eldest son said it was taught by his father. The trick to fried rice is to add chopped green onion twice. In this way, I didn’t tell me about this trick, haha, everyone has their own tricks, okay, I have to share this method, I hope everyone can eat delicious and simple fried rice, Wen Zhong Bao Ma Bacon is added. You can omit if you don’t have it, the taste is still good. If you don’t believe me, try it!


Bacon Scallion Fried Rice

1. Prepare the ingredients. Dice bacon, knock the eggs into a bowl, chop the green onions

Bacon Scallion Fried Rice recipe

2. Add vegetable oil to the pot, pour in the eggs at lukewarm temperature and quickly stir with a spatula

Bacon Scallion Fried Rice recipe

3. Add bacon and half of the chopped green onion, stir-fry a few times over medium heat to create a fragrant flavor (spreading the chopped green onion twice is a tip for more fragrant fried rice)

Bacon Scallion Fried Rice recipe

4. Pour the rice with the lowest heat, and use a rice spoon to squeeze the rice while it is warm

Bacon Scallion Fried Rice recipe

5. Turn on medium heat and put all the remaining chopped green onion in

Bacon Scallion Fried Rice recipe

6. Add salt, stir fry evenly until the salt melts and you can get out of the pot

Bacon Scallion Fried Rice recipe


Tips for Mom:
1 Chopped green onion twice and add special fragrant
2 How to deal with rice lumps: After putting it in the pot, turn to the lowest heat and simmer. When the rice is warm, press it with a rice spoon continuously, and it will break in a few clicks.


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