Baozi Slightly~

Baozi Slightly~

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When I was at home during the Chinese New Year, I stared at my eyes. Yesterday I saw my mother make sesame biscuits. On a whim, I said to eat buns, and my mother would make noodles and start acting~


Baozi Slightly~

1. Mom made up the noodles the first day, and the noodles are ready, so you can start making buns.

Baozi Slightly~ recipe

2. Vegetable dumplings: vegetables, buns, fried eggs, vermicelli, chili, oil, salt, chicken essence, starch, mix well and set aside.

Baozi Slightly~ recipe

3. Meat filling: pork skin jelly, meat, green onions, salt, chicken essence, oil, starch, stir well and set aside. After mixing the meat, I put it in the refrigerator for two hours and like to eat the soup in the steamed buns. Anyway, I am not happy without meat. Hahaha~

Baozi Slightly~ recipe

4. A bun that has never been packaged before. This may be the best looking one. awkward.

Baozi Slightly~ recipe

5. It's steamed out, and it doesn't seem to be ugly after it's steamed. Use a pot outside of the community, boil the pot under the water, and steam for 13 minutes on high fire, then steam on low fire for two minutes, and then take out the pot. Steamed in this way should be more fragrant and delicious than steamed with natural gas.

Baozi Slightly~ recipe


1. Fermentation is a little slow in winter. Mom put the pot on the electric blanket under the bed. \n2. After wrapping the buns, let them wake up and steam them for a while, it will be more delicious. \n3. After 13 minutes of steaming, be sure to steam on low heat for 2 minutes. My mother said it more fragrant, but I don't know anyway.


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