Cool White Open recipes

Claypot Rice

Rice, Water, Egg

Pickled Radish

Fruit Radish, Soy Sauce, White Vinegar

Spicy Chicken Roll

Chicken Thigh, Millet Pepper, Green Pepper

Shrimp and Cucumber

Cucumber, Cooked Dried Shrimp Skin, Millet Pepper

Hot and Sour White Radish

Radish, Millet Pepper, Garlic

Quail Egg Sausage Claypot Rice

Rice, Quail Eggs, Sausage

Beauty and Energy Soup

Cherry Tomatoes, Banana, Mango

Baby Spinach Chicken Cake

Spinach, Egg, Cool White Open

Cantonese Sausage Claypot Rice

Fragrant Rice, Sausage, Three-color Vegetable Grains

Cold Egg

Egg, Millet Pepper, Garlic

Old-fashioned Candied Eggs

Egg, Dried Vegetables, Chives

Eggplant with Meat Sauce

Purple Eggplant, Pork, Sweet Noodle Sauce

Steamed Lean Pork Omelet

Fat And Lean Meat, Egg, Corn Flour

Beef Pie

Flour, Spinach, Salt