Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta

Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta

by Gold flashes

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In fact, I didn’t plan to make pasta because there is no beef at home. I woke up too late in the morning and grumbled with hunger. When I turned the refrigerator, I found a lot of pasta ingredients, but suddenly I found the beef is thick. Tangbao, haha, the best solution without beef was born. It can also make spaghetti with meat sauce. It is also super convenient. Lazy people can try it. Hey, yes, there is no cheese powder instead of milk powder. Can make the same taste. "


Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta

1. The ingredients vary from person to person, but garlic, onion, tomato, and tomato sauce must be indispensable.

Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta recipe

2. The rapeseed oil I use, because there is butter, the butter is more fragrant, but in fact, I don’t think it makes much difference. After the oil is hot, add garlic and onion to fry until fragrant, add the tomato and fry the tomato water, add the tomato paste, and then Continue to simmer, add the right amount of water and cook for a while, add beef broth, and continue to cook on low heat. By the way, here is a tip to improve the taste, that is, add some milk powder, which is really delicious.

Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta recipe

3. While frying the sauce, bring the water to a boil, add some salt, and then turn into the pasta after the water is boiled. I eat it alone and put 100g. Generally, I think it’s more reliable according to the time stated on the pasta package. I like it. Hard, cooked for 8 minutes.

Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta recipe

4. After cooking, I didn’t mix olive oil directly. In fact, I had it at home, so I just put it in the fried sauce and fry it. In fact, it’s the same. Haha, lazy people also have spring.

Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta recipe

5. Stir-fry until the soup is soaked up by the noodles, then everything is fine. I added some sugar when I started the pot. I like the sweeter one, hehe

Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta recipe

6. Finally, I wanted to eat it in the pot. Hey, don’t be too lazy. Hahaha, sprinkle with cheese powder and set it up.

Beef Flavor Vegetarian Tomato Pasta recipe


1. Soup Po is really the gospel of our lazy people, but it has a salty taste, so be sure not to put the salt in a hurry, try the taste first

2. You can completely omit the step of mixing the olive oil after the noodles are out of the pan, and fry it directly after the pan. It is also very strong and non-sticky.

3. Milk powder is really an artifact, super delicious, you must try it

4. If you eat by yourself, you should control the portion, it will support me to death ==


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