Beef in Oyster Sauce

Beef in Oyster Sauce

by An Xiaochu 520

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The oyster aroma overflows with the tender and smooth beef, and the fresh salty tastes a little sweetness. It is especially tempting to serve with rice.

Beef in Oyster Sauce

1. Cut the beef tenderloin into slices of about 0.2cm with a top knife, and then add an appropriate amount of egg liquid and dried cornstarch. Grab it with your hands. If it feels too dry, you can add some more water. Cut green onion into sections and slice ginger Wash the kale in a boiled water, and slice the straw mushrooms in a boiled water for later use.

Beef in Oyster Sauce recipe

2. Put oil in the pot, add the beef slices when heated to 50% heat on medium heat, and scatter them. When mature, remove and control dry.

Beef in Oyster Sauce recipe

3. Leave the bottom oil in the pot, heat it on a low heat, then add green onions and ginger, and sauté.

Beef in Oyster Sauce recipe

4. Then add in oyster sauce and stir fry, add beef slices, kale and straw mushroom slices after the aroma comes out.

Beef in Oyster Sauce recipe

5. Change the heat to medium, add all the seasonings, and finally add the water starch to thicken, and just add the sesame oil before cooking.

Beef in Oyster Sauce recipe


1. When slicing, cut the beef fiber vertically.
2. Pay attention to the control of the heat when stir-frying. It is best to have a slightly larger amount of oil, higher oil temperature, fast action, and accurate taste. If the amount of oil is too small, it will be difficult for the beef to be completely slid. The higher oil temperature is to shorten the time for the beef slices to mature and ensure tenderness and moisture.


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