Beef Noodles in Sour Soup

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup

by My name is a fish

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Today, the fish will share this delicious smorgasbord with everyone. The beef noodles in sour soup, a large bowl of delicious but not long meat, the rice noodles are soft and glutinous and elastic, and the beef is sour and appetizing. One bite of fat beef, one bite of rice noodles and one bite of sour soup Belly, the whole belly warms up immediately, and from time to time, I bring another vegetable, which is really delicious. No wonder the children love this every night. The key is to taste good and not to grow meat. Everyone knows that eating more beef will not grow meat. You can keep it at home. If you like, let’s learn with the fish. If you are at home or single, you can cook a bowl of noodles by yourself at home. If you don’t have rice noodles, you can also do noodles. You don’t need to order takeout. You can do it yourself. It’s clean and delicious. It takes ten minutes. Being able to get out of the pot is faster than ordering takeout. "


Beef Noodles in Sour Soup

1. Prepare ingredients.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

2. Soak the rice noodles in warm water for five minutes in advance.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

3. Add water to the pot and bring it to a boil. Put 2 tablespoons of yellow chili paste and 2 grams of salt to boil. The yellow chili paste should be boiled before putting it. The fish has been tried many times, and the garlic flavor will be weak when it is cooked under cold water.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

4. Add the rice noodles and cook for two minutes. Two minutes is enough, and it will be battered after cooking. If the dried rice noodles are soaked, cook for about three minutes. The cooked rice noodles will be sticky and elastic, and very refreshing.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

5. Remove the rice noodles from the enlarged bowl and set aside.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

6. Put the greens in the sour soup and continue to boil. After cooking, remove the greens and put them in a bowl.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

7. In another pot, add water, 2 tablespoons of cooking wine and 2 slices of ginger to a boil, put in the beef rolls and turn off the heat, quickly use chopsticks to scatter the beef rolls and remove them. The beef rolls must be blanched, as you can see from the picture. There is too much blood and the soup will be dirty and fishy if you put it directly in the pot.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

8. .After the fat beef is taken out, put it in the sour soup and cook for half a minute on high heat. If the fat beef roll is thicker, you can cook it for a while longer.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

9. Remove the fat beef from the sour soup, spread it on the top of the bowl, add a little shrimp powder to the sour soup pot, boil it, pour it into the bowl, and boil a little hot oil on top.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe

10. A big hot bowl is out of the pot.

Beef Noodles in Sour Soup recipe


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