Beef Soup

Beef Soup

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Beef soup is a traditional dish of the Han nationality. The main ingredients are beef big bones and beef. The beef broth is carefully selected. The beef broth is used as raw materials. The beef bones are used as the raw material. The beef must be soaked to remove blood stains and clean the internal organs before cooking at the same time in the pot. It is also fried with homemade butter Haohuai pepper (red dried pepper) is made into red oil.


Beef Soup

1. Sliced ginger

Beef Soup recipe

2. Beef cut into pieces

Beef Soup recipe

3. Boiling water to remove fishy and bloody smell

Beef Soup recipe

4. Remove the beef and put it in clean water. Add ginger, pepper, chili, and salt to boil over high heat and turn to low heat to simmer for 1 hour

Beef Soup recipe

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