Black Vinegar Noodles

Black Vinegar Noodles

by Meow meow cooking

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Usually when I am alone at home, I like to simply eat noodles, boil the noodles in water, add appropriate amount of shacha sauce and aged vinegar and mix briefly, the delicious noodles are ready, this time I used black vinegar Instead of aged vinegar, it is still so delicious and appetizing.


Black Vinegar Noodles

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

2. Clean the coriander and cut into small pieces for later use.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

3. Add the right amount of water, salt, and a small amount of oil to the pot to make the noodles taste more chewy and not easy to stick to the pot.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

4. Add the noodles after the water has boiled, stirring from time to time to avoid overflowing the pot.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

5. Drain the cooked noodles and scoop them up, and add the shacha sauce.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

6. Add coriander.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

7. Add sesame oil.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

8. Add the right amount of black vinegar.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe

9. Mix well with chopsticks, and the delicious black vinegar-flavored noodles are ready. Breakfast and supper are both very good choices. They can also be used directly as staples for lunch or dinner.

Black Vinegar Noodles recipe


When cooking noodles, you can add appropriate amount of salt and cooking oil, so that the cooked noodles are more gluten and not easy to stick to the pot. \nIf you don’t have black vinegar, you can use mature vinegar instead.


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