Boiled Fish

Boiled Fish

by Happy time with Chef Sha

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I bought a new box of Long Li fish fillet. The meat of the Long Li fish fillet is tender and without thorns. I tried to fry it before.


Boiled Fish

1. The fish is thawed, washed, and cut in the middle along the mark left by the main thorn.

Boiled Fish recipe

2. Then cut it horizontally, cut with a series of knives, and then cut, and it will look like the picture after unfolding.

Boiled Fish recipe

3. Put the cut longli fish in a large bowl, put an appropriate amount of salt, cooking wine, an egg white, an appropriate amount of cornstarch, grab well, and set aside.

Boiled Fish recipe

4. Put an appropriate amount of oil in the pot and put a few dried chilies

Boiled Fish recipe

5. Put the washed soybean sprouts in hot oil, stir-fry until raw, add appropriate amount of salt.

Boiled Fish recipe

6. Set aside and spread to the bottom of the container.

Boiled Fish recipe

7. Put hot oil in a separate pot, add pepper, sesame pepper, star anise, small meat incense, bay leaves, etc. according to personal taste, and heat for 5 minutes on low heat.

Boiled Fish recipe

8. Scoop out these ingredients with a colander

Boiled Fish recipe

9. Then add dried chili and sesame pepper according to personal taste, and heat until the chili discolors.

Boiled Fish recipe

10. The marinated fish is cooked in hot water and placed on the soybean sprouts.

Boiled Fish recipe

11. Put a little light soy sauce, pour the prepared chili oil on the fish, and the simplified version of the boiled fish is complete.

Boiled Fish recipe


Fresh grass carp can be used for fish, but it is more troublesome to handle.


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