Bone Soup Hot Pot

Bone Soup Hot Pot

by 18LS28xgl Scattered

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It's cold, you have to eat hot pot, but for people like Mr. Zhong who have diarrhea as soon as he eats hot pot outside, hot pot can kill him! A friend with a physique like Mr. Zhong wants to eat hot pot in the cold, what should I do? Do it yourself! Hot pot is simple and easy to say, but difficult to say. As long as the hot pot soup base and hot pot dipping ingredients are fixed, Xiao Bai can also make delicious hot pot!
If you think homemade hot pot soup base is too complicated; if you worry about the unhealthy hot pot base outside; if you have a light taste and can’t eat spicy food, then this [bone soup hot pot] must be suitable for you. Just boil a pot of nutritious and delicious bone broth, and then add some of your favorite beef rolls, meatballs, ham sausage, mushrooms, green vegetables, etc., and cook it. If you prepare this sukiyaki sauce, even the hot pot dipping sauce will be saved~ In other words, the bone soup hot pot with the sukiyaki sauce will increase the umami flavor, the unique flavor, and it is awesome!
Come to a pot in winter [Bone Soup Hot Pot], it is delicious and nutritious, it also supplements calcium, the food is not greasy, and the taste is endless. The method is super simple. Boil a pot of bone broth and you can basically get it. You can cook whatever you like. It is most suitable for winter eating, and the whole body is warm after eating!


Bone Soup Hot Pot

1. After soaking the bones in clean water for 30 minutes, wash them for later use;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

2. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot, add 3 slices of ginger, 1 piece of green onion, cooking wine, and bobbin bone blanched water; remove and rinse with water;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

3. Put the bobbin bones, 3 slices of ginger, 1 green onion into the stew pot, and appropriate amount of water;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

4. Cover, turn on the power, start the "soup";

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

5. When boiling the soup, prepare the ingredients: soak shiitake mushrooms and tea tree mushrooms in advance and wash them; cut thick slices of homemade ham, peel and wash yam and carrots, and slice them; wash vegetables;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

6. When boiling the soup for 2 hours, add milk;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

7. Add homemade ham sausage, shiitake mushroom, tea tree mushroom, yam, carrot;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

8. Add an appropriate amount of salt and stir evenly;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

9. After 30 minutes, add the vegetables and cook for a while; after 1 minute, turn off the power;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

10. Pour the sukiyaki sauce into the dipping saucer;

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe

11. [Bone soup hot pot] Serve with a pot; when eating, just dip it in the sauce and eat.

Bone Soup Hot Pot recipe


1. The seasoning can be adjusted according to personal taste;
2. The ingredients can be adjusted according to personal preference;
3. Scattered gourmet life (scattered gourmet), original author of the gourmet column. Follow me, I will share more simple recipes for food with you!


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