Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles"

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles"

by Cheongsam by the stove

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Scallion noodles, everyone has that good thing in everyone’s heart. I’m talking about Shanghai scallion noodles, so what kind of onions and red shallots are my personal preferences. In Shanghai’s old school scallion noodles, it must be Those without onions and shallots are chives, simple and beautiful.

When eating noodles at a Shanghai noodle shop, the old gluttons will not talk about scallion noodles when they enter the store. Most of them are "dry picks". The store knows that they want a bowl of scallion noodles, good scallion noodles. It is rich and creamy, and it is delicious without any toppings.

For noodles with scallion oil, we should also talk about scallions. When the scallions are the most tender, it is the period from rain to the startling sting. People in Ningbo often like to use the scallions during this period to make scallion grilled scallions. : Scallions, spring onions, it can be seen that spring is the best time to eat onions, and you must not let down the good spring.

Most of all meat dishes like to use green onions to get rid of the fishy, and the green of the onions is the most beautiful color to match the ingredients. The effect of the onions is immeasurable. And how to use and how to make green onions is also particular. Zhangqiu's green onions and Jiangnan's green onions need to be distinguished. If you want to put a little green onion in the roast duck, you can't swallow it, so you need to use it properly, otherwise it will be counterproductive. .

Shanghainese Yangchun noodles and scallion noodles are indispensable with this chives. The ratio of scallion oil is exquisite. Making a bowl of fragrant scallion oil is not as simple as sprinkling a handful of scallions in a pan. To boil the shallot oil, the small chives from Jiangnan are the best, and then prepare some ginger. Separate the white and green onion leaves, because the white meat is thick and watery. At the same time, the green onion leaves have been burnt before the white onion is fried. The ratio of scallion oil is 1:1.5. Pour the oil into the pot. If the novice is not able to control the oil temperature, pour the scallion directly into the white, boil it until the scallion is white and slightly yellow, then pour in the green onion leaves, and then add one or two slices of old ginger together. Boil it, there is deep-fried ginger fragrance at the bottom, green onion fragrance is solid. Many merchants have black onion leaves floating on top of the scallion oil, which is completely useless. The scorched green onion lacks elegance. If the oil temperature is not enough, the green onion will be unpleasant. It is very important to handle the heat. The green onion leaves are best slightly browned. Crisp and firm, ginger slices are slightly curly. Then add the Kaiyang soaked with rice wine, and boil it for a while to make the fragrant green onion oil.

For the noodles, just use normal noodles. The bottom should not be too soft, too soft and chewy. The scallion sauce is seasoned with 1 part of soy sauce and 5 parts of meat stock or chicken broth. Add a spoonful of sugar. , Add a little salt and MSG to taste. A bowl of noodles is ready, add two or three spoons of soy sauce, then two spoons of scallion oil, a bowl of fragrant scallion oil noodles are ready, it is best to add a spoonful of braised pork broth before serving Juice, this bowl of noodles can be called perfect.

It's so troublesome to make noodles with scallion sauce. I guess you wouldn't have thought of it. Of course, food is never annoying. This obsession to pursue delicious food can make food a gourmet.


Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles"

1. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have open ocean in the raw materials. Open ocean is dried shrimp, but it can be big or small. Shanghainese still have scallion oil open ocean noodles. This is what you use. The ratio of scallion to oil must be mastered.

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles" recipe

2. From the cut section.

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles" recipe

3. The green onion must be white first, otherwise the green onion leaves will be black when the green onion turns white and yellow.

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles" recipe

4. The fragrance of ginger is deep, and the fragrance of onion will be solid, which many people will ignore.

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles" recipe

5. When it reaches this level, turn off the heat and let the remaining temperature boil the scallion oil. Otherwise, it cannot be used if it is dark.

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles" recipe

6. The scallion oil must be yellow with green, and the scallion must overflow.

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles" recipe

7. Seasoning sauce is one part of soy sauce and five parts of broth, just add salt to taste. The noodles are cooked and put in a bowl, two spoons of sauce, two spoons of scallion oil, preferably another spoonful of braised pork marinade, this scallion oil noodles is perfect.

Boss, Let’s Have A Bowl of "scallion Sauce Noodles" recipe


According to this method, only pure Shanghai scallion sauce noodles are made, so please don't talk about adding onions, adding red onions, these personal favorite things, some deliciousness is pure.


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