Braised Barracuda

Braised Barracuda

by Lin Binger

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I have to cook at home every night, so I try not to repeat the meat dishes every day. Fish meat is more popular with children, so I definitely have to cook it once a week, and I try not to repeat the fish varieties and methods. This makes the children feel a little fresh when eating. This time I bought barracuda, because I can only see it occasionally in the supermarket. I asked an aunt who was also picking it next to me. She said that this fish is of good quality, so Seeing such a fresh one, I immediately started to stock up two. I made this fish for the first time. The meat was like garlic cloves. I thought it was pretty good. The kids also said they liked it very much.


Braised Barracuda

1. After the barracuda is cleaned, it is cut with a knife on both sides, and marinated with salt and cooking wine for half an hour

Braised Barracuda recipe

2. Remove the water and fry the fish in a frying pan until golden on both sides

Braised Barracuda recipe

3. Put oil in the pot and stir-fry the red bean curd

Braised Barracuda recipe

4. Saute ginger garlic and onion until fragrant

Braised Barracuda recipe

5. Bring to a boil with water, add the barracuda, pour in the cooking wine

Braised Barracuda recipe

6. Add light soy sauce

Braised Barracuda recipe

7. Add salt and spring onion, bring to a boil on high heat

Braised Barracuda recipe

8. Turn to medium heat and cook until the soup thickens, add coriander and serve

Braised Barracuda recipe


1. It is best to use a pan, so that the fried fish is not easy to break
2. Barracuda can also be replaced with other species


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