Home Braised Barracuda

Home Braised Barracuda

by Pomegranate tree 2008

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Eat more fish, calcium and iron, and brain. The more you eat, the smarter you will be. Barracuda does this, which is simple and easy to taste.


Home Braised Barracuda

1. Remove the scales and internal organs of the barracuda, etc.,

Home Braised Barracuda recipe

2. After the oil is hot, put the pepper aniseed and sauté fragrant, then add the green onion and ginger to saute the fragrant, then fry the soy sauce for the fragrant aroma, then add an appropriate amount of water to boil.

Home Braised Barracuda recipe

3. Add the barracuda and simmer over medium heat, and add the seasonings,

Home Braised Barracuda recipe

4. After simmering, harvest the sauce over high heat, and sprinkle with green onion and coriander.

Home Braised Barracuda recipe


The soy sauce must be sauteed before adding water.


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