Braised Chicken

Braised Chicken

by Shao Xiaoyu Shao Ari

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The most common way to keep the original taste of the little chickens raised in your own house...


Braised Chicken

1. Clean the whole chicken and put it in a bowl.

Braised Chicken recipe

2. Wash the green and red peppers, cut into pieces and set aside!

Braised Chicken recipe

3. Stir-fry the chicken fat in a pot to refine the oil, add star anise, ginger, tangerine peel and other ingredients and fry until fragrant.

Braised Chicken recipe

4. Put the chicken nuggets into the pot and stir fry the chicken skin to get the oil, add salt and continue to fry, add water and cooking wine and simmer for 3-5 minutes.

Braised Chicken recipe

5. Add the dark soy sauce to color, add a little rock sugar, add the green and red peppers prepared in advance, continue to fry, add a little starch to thicken the juice, and serve.

Braised Chicken recipe


This dish is unprofessional and casual, and the taste can be prepared by yourself.


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