Braised Duck

Braised Duck

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Duck is my husband’s favorite dish, so I deliberately asked my mom for advice


Braised Duck

1. Duck diced and blanched

Braised Duck recipe

2. Prepare the ingredients

Braised Duck recipe

3. Saute the spice cold oil

Braised Duck recipe

4. Pour the duck and stir fry

Braised Duck recipe

5. Pour in soy sauce and stir fry

Braised Duck recipe

6. Pour in water to submerge the duck, add salt, rock sugar, oyster sauce, green onion knot, wait for the water to boil, cover the pot, turn to low heat for half an hour

Braised Duck recipe

7. Heat the juice and pour the chili cubes

Braised Duck recipe


The braised duck should be a new duck. If you think the new duck is not good, you can buy the old duck, but you have to press it in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes before cooking.


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