Braised Pork

Braised Pork

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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Braised pork is one of the highlights of our Chinese cuisine. Others don't know that I like it anyway. The pork belly must be lean and fat, after being stewed. The fat is completely fat but not greasy, and it is a fragrance when paired with a bowl of white rice. There is no need to add any more dishes, get some marinade topped with rice, one bite of meat and one bite of rice. Think about it all drooling. There are quite a lot of different practices in different regions, but no matter what kind of braised pork you like. I think you should try my practice and make sure you like it

There are two points to pay attention to in my practice. One is that rock sugar with a little yellow color is the best, and the other is that you can’t use a pressure cooker to press it. Then start our food journey today


Braised Pork

1. If you buy the yellow rock candy, it will be larger, and put it back in a bag to break it.

Braised Pork recipe

2. The pork cuts are about 8 to 10 cm in size, and wash them several times. Let it dry slightly

Braised Pork recipe

3. Normal braised pork will be boiled and hot, but we don’t do that. Put a little oil in the pan and stir the meat for a while, then it will be slightly burnt.

Braised Pork recipe

4. After the meat is cooked, wash the pot, add less oil, add rock sugar, and fry the sugar color

Braised Pork recipe

5. Stir-fry with sugar, add pork, stir fry a few times, then add spices

Braised Pork recipe

6. First, pour a bowl of Shaoxing wine and turn it over, and then add the meat-free water. Then add the dark soy sauce to taste

Braised Pork recipe

7. Bring to a high heat and simmer slowly for more than an hour until a little marinade remains

Braised Pork recipe

8. Bring another water to a boil to blanch the bottom of the Qingjiang vegetable

Braised Pork recipe

9. Can be installed

Braised Pork recipe


A bowl of Shaoxing wine can add a lot of flavor


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