Braised Pork Rice

Braised Pork Rice

by Minger Kitchen

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In winter, the cold air comes frequently, the temperature changes drastically, the northerly wind is blowing, and the climate is abnormally dry. This season is most likely to get sick, especially children and the elderly with poor immunity. As the saying goes: medicine tonic is not as good as food tonic. Rather than taking medicine when you are sick, it is better to adjust your diet as soon as possible to allow your body to adapt to changes in the environment as soon as possible.
Going home from get off work today, the physical discomfort caused by the cold weather is strong, and I feel groggy and have no appetite. Where is the passion for cooking? It is said that being a mother is just right, really, thinking that adults can skip or eat less, but children can't. Hurry up to take the available ingredients from the refrigerator and make a pot of braised rice. When the aroma comes out of the rice pot, the appetite is doubled. After eating a bowl of energy, the whole body is warm, and the physical discomfort disappears instantly. The children also had a great time. Let’s take a look at Minger’s recipe today!


Braised Pork Rice

1. First process the ingredients. Wash the rice in advance and soak for a while; cut the pork into slightly smaller pieces; wash and break the shiitake mushrooms into small pieces; wash and cut the carrots into cubes; cut the green onion and ginger; Stir salt, sugar, dark soy sauce, vinegar, and oyster sauce evenly and set aside).

Braised Pork Rice recipe

2. Heat the oil, add the meat pieces and stir-fry.

Braised Pork Rice recipe

3. Stir-fry the pork until the color changes, add green onion and ginger and stir-fry, then add shiitake mushrooms and diced carrots and stir-fry

Braised Pork Rice recipe

4. After stirring well, pour the juice into a bowl.

Braised Pork Rice recipe

5. After stirring evenly, pour it into a casserole filled with soaked rice.

Braised Pork Rice recipe

6. Stir evenly, pour in water a little less than the amount of rice, and simmer on the stove.

Braised Pork Rice recipe

7. After the high heat is boiled, turn to a low heat and continue to simmer until there is no excess water in the pot. Listen carefully and you can hear a slight popping sound in the pot. Just keep it on a high heat and simmer for a while before serving.
The very simple and delicious braised braised rice is ready. The whole process takes about ten to twenty minutes. You can also put it in an electric pressure cooker to save energy.

Braised Pork Rice recipe


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