Braised Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Mushroom

Braised Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Mushroom

by Yumi's small kitchen

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It’s my daily habit to eat rice. Even if I don’t have food one day, I always feel like something is missing. But sometimes I really want to be lazy. I have to stir-fry every time to serve the meal, and the kitchen gets so fume. All over the sky, since making this braised rice, the kitchen can take a break and keep it clean. Although there is no cooking, but I promise this braised rice will definitely make you addicted to eating.


Braised Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Mushroom

1. Wash the rice and add water, the water here can be a little less than the original, because the sauce will be added later

2. Add all the auxiliary materials and stir appropriately

Braised Rice with Chicken, Mushroom and Mushroom recipe

3. Add chicken thighs, deep-fried tofu, crab-flavored mushrooms, carrot sticks and ginger slices to the pot. Cover the rice cooker and plug in the power. When the rice is ready, you can enjoy it.


The ratio of rice to water is usually 1:1. The amount of water in this rice can be appropriately reduced. If you don’t have crab-flavored mushrooms, you can use shiitake mushrooms instead.


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