Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil

by Moonfall Wu Cry (from Tencent...)

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Go to the vegetable farm to buy vegetables. Every stall sells bamboo shoots. Now when the spring bamboo shoots are fresh and tender, you might as well buy a few to eat!
Bamboo shoots have been regarded as "treasures in dishes" in our country since ancient times. First, bamboo shoots have the characteristics of low fat, low sugar, and more fiber. Eating bamboo shoots can not only promote intestinal peristalsis, help digestion, reduce food accumulation, prevent constipation, and prevent colorectal cancer.
Second, bamboo shoots contain very little fat and starch. They are natural low-fat and low-calorie foods, and are good products for obese people to lose weight. Health experts believe that people living in areas where bamboo grows live longer and rarely suffer from high blood pressure, which has something to do with eating bamboo shoots regularly.
Bamboo shoots are available all year round, but spring bamboo shoots and winter bamboo shoots taste the best. When cooking, whether it is cold dressing, frying or soup, it is fresh and tender and fragrant, which is one of the favorite dishes of people. Spring bamboo shoots contain plenty of water, rich plant protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other essential nutrients and trace elements.
However, there are more insoluble calcium oxalate in spring bamboo shoots, so patients with various stones should not eat more. Oxalic acid can also affect the human body’s absorption and utilization of calcium. To prevent its disadvantages, when eating bamboo shoots, it should be cooked thoroughly. If you use bamboo shoots or diced bamboo shoots for cooking, you must first blanch the bamboo shoots with boiling water for 5-10. Minutes, and then stir-fry with other food. In this way, most of the oxalic acid can be decomposed by high temperature to reduce its disadvantages, and the dishes can be made without astringency and taste more delicious.
When I was young, my neighbor’s aunt often went to the mountains to dig some small bamboo shoots by herself, and then made braised bamboo shoots, and she often gave some to my family. I remember it was the first time I ate it, and it was so delicious! The color is beautiful and the taste is sweet. Thinking about it so far, it seems that the deliciousness is still on the lips!


Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil

1. Shell the spring bamboo shoots, wash and cut into pieces.

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil recipe

2. Prepare chopped green onion and rock sugar.

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil recipe

3. Boil water in a pot, add bamboo shoots for a few minutes and then pick up.

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil recipe

4. Add oil in a hot pan, add rock sugar when the oil is warm, and stir-fry into a caramel color. The oil is slightly more than usual for cooking, but it can be slightly less than mine. I accidentally put more.

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil recipe

5. Add the bamboo shoots and stir fry until they are stained with sugar.

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil recipe

6. Add appropriate amount of soy sauce and water. After the water is boiled, simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes to basically collect the juice. You can taste it before it is out of the pot. If you think it is not salty enough, you can add some salt. If it is enough, you don't need to add it. Sprinkle some chopped green onion after serving.

Braised Spring Bamboo Shoots in Oil recipe


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