Braised Vegetarian Chicken

Braised Vegetarian Chicken

by Kakashuno

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Vegetarian chicken is a kind of soy food of the Han nationality, which is widely distributed in central and southern China. The taste and taste are indistinguishable from the original meat, and the flavor is unique. It uses tofu skin (thousands, not oily skin) as the main ingredient, rolls it into a round stick, tightly boiled, sliced and fried, and seasoned. Into the delicacy. It can also be made into fish shape, shrimp shape and other shapes. (From Du Niang)

In fact, eating more tofu is also very good for women, the specific effect of beauty


Braised Vegetarian Chicken

1. To prepare the ingredients, 250g vegetarian chicken, 1 green onion, 15ML soy sauce, 5g sugar, some oil

Braised Vegetarian Chicken recipe

2. Vegetarian chicken cut into pieces

Braised Vegetarian Chicken recipe

3. Put it in the frying pan and fry until it floats

Braised Vegetarian Chicken recipe

4. Fish out

Braised Vegetarian Chicken recipe

5. Pour a little oil into the pot, stir fry the vegetarian chicken, pour in sugar and soy sauce, and add green onions from the pot.

Braised Vegetarian Chicken recipe


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