Broccoli Lean Pork Congee

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee

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Drink this porridge more after the beginning of autumn. It is nutritious and affordable, and it is a favorite for all ages. It is dry and dry in one bowl! After the beginning of autumn, the weather is dry. Drink plenty of soups and water, which is good for your health, especially porridge, which is quick and easy. Add vegetables and meat when cooking the porridge. It is thick and creamy, so delicious! My family cooks every three to five, and 3 bowls per person is not enough.


Broccoli Lean Pork Congee

1. Ingredients: rice, broccoli, lean pork, chives. Seasoning is used to put pork lean: cornstarch, ginger, uniform, oil, salt.

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe

2. Wash the rice, soak it for 10 minutes, remove it and put it in a rice cooker, then pour in an appropriate amount of water. I used 100 grams of rice and 1000 grams of water.

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe

3. Close the lid, press the porridge button, the default time is 50 minutes, you can press "+" to increase the time, and press "-" to decrease the time. For ordinary rice, press the default time. My rice cooker is Zhenmi Desugar rice cooker, and the cooked porridge is exceptionally delicious.

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe

4. Waiting for the time to cook the porridge, cut the broccoli into small pieces, wash and remove. Wash the lean pork, cut into thin slices, add soy sauce, cornstarch, oil, salt, and ginger, and mix well. Wash the chives and cut them well.

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe

5. Boil the water, pour the cut broccoli into the pot, blanch it out, and over cold water to preserve the green color of the broccoli. The broccoli for porridge should be blanched to keep the broccoli's emerald green color and crispy taste.

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe

6. When the porridge is 12 minutes left, pour the marinated lean pork slices into the pot and loosen them one by one with chopsticks. The slices are smooth and tender.

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe

7. Then pour the blanched broccoli into the pot, add a little oil, and after boiling, add salt and chives and mix well. A bowl of porridge with meat and vegetables is fragrant, nutritious and delicious.

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe

8. Ruliang prefers germ rice, a good partner for a healthy diet

Broccoli Lean Pork Congee recipe


1. The rice for cooking porridge should be soaked, it is easy to boil, and there is time left. 2. Each rice cooker is different and the cooking time is different. This is the cooking time of Zhenmi Desugar rice cooker is generally 50 minutes.


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