Busy Man Pickled Fish

Busy Man Pickled Fish

by Guo Wubian

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Just find a good package and add it yourself to get the perfect taste (´⌣`) This recipe has a heavy taste, so be light and cautious!


Busy Man Pickled Fish

1. Open the material package and take a look at everything, without advertising, this one is spicy enough according to my taste, salty enough and not sour.

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe

2. If you’re really busy, please buy the good fish fillets from the supermarket. I don’t sell them here. I just chose the simplest one and just cut it. Species Longli fish. Fish sticks and fish fillets are fine, don't cut them too small or thin, or they will be broken into slag when they are made.

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe

3. Ginger powder, cooking wine and egg white, stir evenly until thick and invisible.

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe

4. Hook thin gorgon. Start after grabbing or wait for a while depends on how fast you follow until you get to the pot. Anyway, I just poured it in.

5. My dosage is the size of a baby cabbage, cut into small strips.

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe

6. Pour in the Northeast sauerkraut and fry it slightly until it has a fragrance. Pour the stuffed cabbage in and fry until the water comes out.

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe

7. Add water to the sauerkraut, pour the remaining ingredients and 1-2 pieces of thick soup. The soup is generally chicken soup and pork bone soup. Other flavors are welcome to exchange.

8. After the fish fillets are put in, add water to submerge the fish fillets, then turn to low heat after boiling. At this time, I am sure that your water is not enough. If you don’t believe me, you can taste it, and then you will know how much water you have to add. The soup should be slightly more flavorful to ensure that the fish has a taste. After boiling the pan, you will know how to adjust it after a bite.

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe

9. Take out most of the sauerkraut and fish, or remove them all, and leave them under the soup. My noodles are made from dumpling wrappers.

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe

10. Out of the pot

Busy Man Pickled Fish recipe


Big pot! This is for three people! Would rather use a sledgehammer to kill the chicken! Adding water to thicken everything is to save trouble, not standard, this is the ultimate meaning of busy people's pot, there is no ambition to be a chef. The hot, sour, and salty of the material package itself is not very average, and the flavor powder tastes a bit peculiar, so it is recommended to put it slowly.


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