Cabbage Pork Pie

Cabbage Pork Pie

by Lightly gourmet

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Chinese pasta is really interesting. The same fillings and the same dough are made into dumplings and steamed for a taste. It is everyone's favorite to make dumplings and bake them. This is also the reason why the pie shop is booming!


Cabbage Pork Pie

1. Use warm water to mix the flour into a dough and let it sit for a while

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe

2. Add chopped green onions to the meat

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe

3. Chop the cabbage and squeeze dry into the filling, add salt and vegetable oil and stir evenly

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe

4. Divide the dough into small pieces

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe

5. Roll the skin

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe

6. Put the dough into the stuffing to wrap it up

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe

7. Beat flat

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe

8. Put the wrapped pie in an electric baking pan and cook

Cabbage Pork Pie recipe


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