Carrot Omelette with Sauce

Carrot Omelette with Sauce

by salila

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When you don’t know what to eat for breakfast, come with an egg pancake, which is simple, convenient and quick. The choice of dishes is also varied, shredded potato, cabbage, leeks, carrots, zucchini, spinach, shepherd's purse, onion, ham and so on. It will taste great if you pair it well. When there are no dishes in the house, it tastes great with some chopped green onions. Another cup of soy milk, or milk, or porridge are very good.


Carrot Omelette with Sauce

1. Put flour in the cooking bowl.

Carrot Omelette with Sauce recipe

2. Add an appropriate amount of water and stir to form a thick paste.

Carrot Omelette with Sauce recipe

3. Add an egg and mix well again.

Carrot Omelette with Sauce recipe

4. Add salt, chopped carrots and chopped green onion, and stir well.

Carrot Omelette with Sauce recipe

5. Brush a thin layer of peanut oil on a non-stick pan, scoop the batter into the pan with a spoon, and shake the pan to flatten the batter.

Carrot Omelette with Sauce recipe

6. After the bottom is set, you can turn it over and fry for a while.

Carrot Omelette with Sauce recipe

7. Brush with a layer of bean paste after it is out of the pan.

Carrot Omelette with Sauce recipe


1. If you like thin cakes, make the batter thinner; if you like thicker cakes, make the batter thicker.
2. Use low heat before putting in the batter. After the batter is flattened, it can be adjusted to medium-high heat.
3. If you like spicy food, you can add another layer of chili sauce.


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