Casserole Soup Rice

Casserole Soup Rice

by 18LS28xgl Scattered

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Today’s breakfast is very different. There are rice, eggs, and vegetables. The ingredients are balanced and the nutrition is more comprehensive. The most important thing is that it is particularly easy to get up 10 minutes early, the taste is delicious and warm, and it is most suitable for autumn and winter.


Casserole Soup Rice

1. Prepare ingredients: leftover rice, eggs, tomatoes, water spinach;

Casserole Soup Rice recipe

2. Beat the eggs, add an appropriate amount of salt, and stir evenly; wash the tomatoes and dice; remove the leaves of water spinach, wash; wash the ginger, and mince;

Casserole Soup Rice recipe

3. Place the casserole on the fire, pour in a proper amount of water, add the ginger, and bring to a boil over medium heat;

Casserole Soup Rice recipe

4. Add diced tomatoes and continue cooking;

Casserole Soup Rice recipe

5. Add leftover rice and continue cooking;

Casserole Soup Rice recipe

6. Sift the egg liquid into a casserole;

Casserole Soup Rice recipe

7. Put in the thick soup and cook for a while; put in the water spinach leaves and stir evenly;

Casserole Soup Rice recipe

8. Turn off the heat; [Claypot Soup Rice] is ready.

Casserole Soup Rice recipe


1. The seasoning can be adjusted according to personal taste;
2. The thick soup has a salty taste, no need to put other seasonings and it is not delicious;
3. Scattered gourmet life (scattered gourmet), original author of the gourmet column. Follow me, I will share more simple recipes for food with you! If you like it, please forward it, your forwarding is very important to me!


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