Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup

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Porcine coel bones are the spine bones of pigs, the meat is relatively thick, but the meat is tender and not greasy. Chop it into small pieces and drink it in a stew, which is the most suitable. Because you can not only eat tender meat, but also ingest the nutrients in the bones.
If you have time, simmer it on a low heat to make it more delicious. If time is tight and you want to drink delicious cavity bone soup, it is best to use a pressure cooker to make it, so that you can eat the soup with fresh meat and rotten cavity bone soup. Pure cavity bone soup tastes relatively monotonous, and it is best to make soup with tuber food. Such as white radish, wax gourd, lotus root and so on. "


Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup

1. Chop the pork cavity bones into small pieces, wash away the residue, put in a saucepan, add appropriate amount of water according to the amount of food, and only add ginger for the seasoning

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

2. Select the "Laohuotang" program, the time can be customized for 4 hours, and it can be terminated early according to the taste requirements, or you can use a pressure cooker

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

3. When the cavity bone is simmered for about 1 hour, you can wash the lotus root and scrape off the skin

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

4. Cut into hob pieces, lotus root contains starch, so don’t cut into pieces in advance to prevent oxidation and blackening

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

5. Put the lotus root pieces into the cavity bone soup and continue to cook for about an hour

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

6. Taste a piece of cavity bone and lotus root. When it meets your taste requirements, you can sprinkle a little salt, melt it, and turn off the heat.

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

7. Sprinkle some chives to add freshness

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe

8. Let's do it together! Fresh lotus root noodles in rotten meat soup. Really healthy soup

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup recipe


There will be residues on the cavity bone when it is chopped with a knife, so it must be washed; after the soup is boiled, the surface of the foam can be skimmed. If you want to save trouble, you can do it without skimming. After cooking, the surface should be attached. On the wall of the pot, it will not affect the taste of the soup; if you want the soup to be clear, you can blanch the bones of the cavity first, wash it with warm water, and then boil it slowly in a saucepan, but the taste of the soup will be much weaker. ; It can also be done with a high-pressure rice cooker or a rice cooker with soup function.


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