Porcine Coel recipes

Big Bone Soup

Porcine Coel, Corn, Red Dates

Radish Soup with Scallops and Scallops

Porcine Coel, White Radish, Dried Scallops

White Radish and Pleurotus Eryngii Cavity Bone Soup

Porcine Coel, White Radish, Pleurotus Eryngii

Kelp and Winter Melon Cavity Bone Soup

Porcine Coel, Kelp, Green Winter Melon

Cavity Bone Lotus Root Soup

Porcine Coel, Lotus Root, Ginger

Keel Corn and Winter Melon Pot

Porcine Coel, Fresh Corn, Winter Melon

Tomato Cuttlefish Pork Rib Soup

Tomato, Porcine Coel, Dried Cuttlefish

#trust of Beauty#sauerkraut Ribs

Sauerkraut, Porcine Coel, Stew

Home Cooking "pork Cavity Bone Stewed Vermicelli"

Porcine Coel, Dried Potato Vermicelli, Rape Heart

Li's Soup Soup [chinese Cabbage Spare Ribs Soup~]

Porcine Coel, Pork Ribs, Chinese Cabbage