Celery Omelette

Celery Omelette

by salila

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I often hear my friends spit out, sleep late in the morning and don’t have time to cook. Breakfast is usually a hasty mess, just take care of it. In fact, breakfast is really important. Whether it is an office worker or a school child, breakfast needs to provide energy throughout the morning. Therefore, breakfast must be full and eat well.
The red and green omelet made today seems to appeal to the appetite, and the celery leaf, which is usually overlooked, also comes in handy. With a little nut, dried fruit, milk or soy milk, breakfast is very comfortable.


Celery Omelette

1. Put a little water in the cooking bowl, add flour, and stir evenly with chopsticks.

Celery Omelette recipe

2. Beat in an egg and mix well again.

Celery Omelette recipe

3. Lift the egg beater and the batter is streamlined, and the batter is thinner. The egg cakes made in this way are thin, soft and have a good taste.

Celery Omelette recipe

4. Celery leaves and ham mince.

Celery Omelette recipe

5. Add to the batter, add salt, and stir well.

Celery Omelette recipe

6. Brush a thin layer of peanut oil without sticking to the pan.

Celery Omelette recipe

7. Spoon the batter into the pan, shake the pan to flatten the batter. Once the shape is set, turn it over and fry for a while, and it will be cooked when it bulges in the middle.

Celery Omelette recipe


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