Chicken Braised Cake

Chicken Braised Cake

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Chicken stew on pie, there are dishes and staple food, a family of three eats deliciously

Chicken Braised Cake

1. Prepare all kinds of ingredients and spices

Chicken Braised Cake recipe

2. Add spices to the oil and stir fragrant

Chicken Braised Cake recipe

3. Add Pixian bean paste and tempeh and stir-fry for red oil

Chicken Braised Cake recipe

4. Pour the chicken nuggets and stir fry until browned

Chicken Braised Cake recipe

5. Pour into an electric pressure cooker, add soy sauce, salt, sugar, beer and press for 10 minutes

Chicken Braised Cake recipe

6. Add potato wedges and spread the dough (the cut is easy to taste) and press for 5 minutes

Chicken Braised Cake recipe

7. Drain the soup, take out the pancakes and cut into pieces, add the green and red peppers, and put on a plate


①You can add any miscellaneous grains to the flour, the ratio is 3:1, so it will be delicious and healthy;\n②Spices can only volatilize their aroma after the oil is over 125 degrees;\n③It is better to have a light fragrance than a strong medicine. \n


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