Konjac Chicken

Konjac Chicken

by Tianshan Cocoa

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Everyone knows the big plate chicken in Xinjiang. The first choice for meat eaters. We eat large plate of chicken here, which can be matched with many, like belt noodles, naan, sliver, etc. You can add anything you like, anyway, the meal is one. This is our eating habit here. Today this is also a large plate chicken, but the method has changed from the previous collocation ingredients, adding konjac in it, the method is the same as the large plate chicken, the taste is beyond your imagination, now many stores also have this dish "konjac large plate chicken", this combination It's really great. The new way of eating large plate chicken, this combination is a match made in heaven, the meat is rich and the spicy skin is gone.


Konjac Chicken

1. Clean up the three yellow chicken and cut into pieces

Konjac Chicken recipe

2. Bring to a boil in a hot pot under cold water

Konjac Chicken recipe

3. Cut the konjac into pieces, add konjac to the boiling water in the soup pot, add salt and boil for 10 minutes to pick up, wash in cold water, wash and pick up, wash and cut the green onion and ginger, peel the garlic, the spicy skin bubble, wash and cut the green pepper

Konjac Chicken recipe

4. Heat the pan with cold oil, heat 60% of the oil, add the sugar and fry into small brown bubbles

Konjac Chicken recipe

5. Stir fry the next chicken nuggets evenly color, fry until the chicken feet are fragrant and the skin is small bubbles

Konjac Chicken recipe

6. Add ginger, peppercorns, grass fruit, spicy skin and stir fry for a fragrance

Konjac Chicken recipe

7. Add water and bring to a boil, turn to medium heat and boil for about 20 minutes

Konjac Chicken recipe

8. Add konjac and salt, stir and fry evenly, then continue to cook for about 20 minutes

Konjac Chicken recipe

9. Add the shallots, green peppers, and garlic to stir fry to get a fragrance

Konjac Chicken recipe


1. Boil konjac with salt and water for 10 minutes, the alkali taste is gone

2. You can add some beer and cook together, it will cook quickly


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