Chicken Rice Sprouts

Chicken Rice Sprouts

by Daimaru

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Chicken rice sprouts are really super dishes, and they are very popular among customers in small restaurants in Sichuan.
"Boss, Chicken Rice Sprouts"
"Boss, fried rice with chicken, rice and sprouts"
As soon as the chicken rice sprouts are on the table, the rice is gone soon~
The sprouts are best to use Yibin sprouts, and the chili peppers are not available in China, so I have to buy other chili peppers instead, but if you can, you can still use small chili peppers~


Chicken Rice Sprouts

1. Wash chicken thighs, deboning and cut into small grains like rice, finely chop ginger and garlic

Chicken Rice Sprouts recipe

2. Add ginger garlic, light soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, pepper powder, and a little salt to the chicken and marinate for two hours

Chicken Rice Sprouts recipe

3. Chili cut into small circles

Chicken Rice Sprouts recipe

4. Heat oil in a pan, pour in the chicken and fry until white

Chicken Rice Sprouts recipe

5. Add the chili and stir fry for a few minutes

Chicken Rice Sprouts recipe

6. Add Yibin sprouts and stir-fry evenly to get out of the pot

Chicken Rice Sprouts recipe


1. Heat the pot and put the chicken in it, it will not stick to the pot;
2. The sprouts have a certain salty taste, add salt as appropriate;
3. According to this weight, make it more, you can halve the material.


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