Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

by Caoxi pig

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Ever wondered what kind of wonderful flavors will come out when French cuisine is combined with Southeast Asian Thai spices.
The traditional French country chicken salad is made by mixing fried chicken breast, mushrooms cooked in butter, and fresh vegetables, mixed with vinaigrette.
An improved version of the country chicken salad. The chicken breast is fried and then grilled, mixed with fresh fruits and vegetables, and then mixed with an improved vinaigrette. The so-called modified vinaigrette is the traditional flavor of the vinaigrette. The mustard sauce uses Thai red curry sauce instead of the traditional version of the butter mushrooms, which makes the whole salad more refreshing and lower in calories, which is more suitable for slimming girls in summer.
When banqueting with friends and relatives, this country chicken salad is also very good, attractive in color and appetizing, and opening a bottle of white wine to pair it with will make the guests full of praise.
In the summer, if you have no appetite and are worried about getting fat, quickly start making a low-fat, low-calorie, and appetizing country chicken salad.


Chicken Salad

1. Wash the chicken breasts and use a knife to remove the fat and mucous membranes from the chicken breasts

Chicken Salad recipe

2. Spread appropriate amount of salt and seasoned pepper on both sides of the chicken breast, marinate for 15 minutes

Chicken Salad recipe

3. Pour an appropriate amount of cooking oil in a non-stick pan

Chicken Salad recipe

4. Add small onions and thyme until fragrant

Chicken Salad recipe

5. Place the marinated chicken breasts, with the skin side down, into a non-stick pan

Chicken Salad recipe

6. When one side of the chicken breast changes color, turn it over and fry the other side

Chicken Salad recipe

7. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, place the fried chicken breast on the grill and bake for 20 minutes

Chicken Salad recipe

8. Wash 1 red Luoluo lettuce, half bitter chicory, 3 red Korean leaves, 1 tomato with pure water, tear the lettuce into irregular slices, cut the tomatoes into chunks, and cut the cherry radishes into slices

Chicken Salad recipe

9. Add 50ml of virgin olive oil, 20ml of white wine, appropriate amount of black pepper, and half a spoon of red curry paste into a bowl

Chicken Salad recipe

10. Stir all the ingredients in the bowl with egg soy into a uniform sauce

Chicken Salad recipe

11. Cut the grilled chicken breast into slices and then tear it into irregular pieces; add the chicken breast pieces to the sauce and stir, knead the sauce and add it to the lettuce in step 8; add the sauce and mix all the ingredients. Can be

Chicken Salad recipe

12. Finally, squeeze 1/4 green lemon juice in the salad for better taste

Chicken Salad recipe


1. The traditional version of French chicken salad is repeatedly fried in olive oil in a pot until the meat is cooked. The improved version of chicken salad uses the chicken breasts to be fried first and then grilled, eliminating the need for repeated frying in oil, which makes the chicken too absorbed. The oil content makes the whole salad more refreshing and low calorie;
2. Put the chicken breast in the sauce before mixing the vegetables, and then squeeze the juice. This is because if the chicken and vegetables are mixed with the sauce at the same time, it may cause the chicken to not absorb the taste of the sauce well, so let The chicken absorbs the taste of the sauce, mixes it with vegetables, and then stirs in the remaining sauce;
3. The red curry paste already has a certain saltiness, so there is no need to add salt to the sauce.


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