Chicken Soup Wanton

Chicken Soup Wanton

by Little Five's Food, Drink and Fun

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Today, I can finally take a short holiday and enjoy flexible work. Go to the market to buy vegetables, no longer rush, you can stroll leisurely and leisurely. Many delicacies that I usually want to eat can now finally be practiced one by one.
The chicken soup wanton that I have been reading for a long time is finally a real treat. For food, I am more and more loyal to the original taste of the ingredients, and the seasoning at home is also less and less.


Chicken Soup Wanton

1. Wash the leftover chicken feet and bones of the fried chicken chop and bring to a boil in a pan under cold water.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

2. Boil water, put the drained chicken feet and chicken bones in a casserole, and bring to a boil on high heat.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

3. Turn to low heat and cook for about 1 hour.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

4. Prepare fresh shrimp.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

5. Peel the shell and remove the shrimp intestines and chop them.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

6. Put the shrimp meat in the minced pork, add salt and pepper, and stir in one direction.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

7. Take a piece of wonton wrapper and wrap it with meat.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

8. Squeeze it in the style you like.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

9. The finished wonton can also be dipped in flour and put in the refrigerator for storage.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

10. Boil water and add wontons.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

11. Cook and put in a bowl.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe

12. Add chicken broth, salt and chopped green onion to taste and serve.

Chicken Soup Wanton recipe


Wontons can be packed in multiple packs at a time, put in the refrigerator and stored in the refrigerator, and can be taken as you eat. The main ingredient is the original broth of boiled chicken soup, and the auxiliary ingredient is the ingredients for the package of wontons.


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