Shallot Oil recipes

Seasonal Vegetable Lily

Lily, Green Beans, Carrot

Scallion Pork Buns

Flour, Pork, Yeast

Chives and Egg Fried Bun

Flour, Chives, Egg

Tomato Saury Soup

Saury, Tomato, Water

Waiting for "dai" A Dish of Garlic Lobster Tail

Lobster Tail, Ice Hockey Chicken Soup, Mineral Water

Scallion Oil Taro

Taro, Chicken Soup, Salt

Chicken Tofu Soup

North Tofu, Chicken Soup, Shallot Oil

Scallion Noodles

Shallot, Fresh Noodles, Cooking Wine

Hot Noodle Scallion Pancake

All-purpose Flour, Shallot Oil, Shallot

Tossed with Onion and Cucumber

Cucumber, Onion, Xianggan

Scallion Okra

Okra, Shallot Oil, Garlic

Scallion Oil Finger Cake

Flour, Salt, Sugar