Chinese Savior Crepe

Chinese Savior Crepe

by Orange Kitchen

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A set of pancakes with fruits


Chinese Savior Crepe

1. 200g flour, appropriate amount of salt, add water and stir to form a paste for later use

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

2. A small half bowl of flour, a little salt, a spoonful of oil, and a little water, stir evenly to make a harder dough

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

3. Roll into thin slices and cut into small strips

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

4. Fry in the frying pan until golden and crispy, set aside

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

5. Brush oil in the pan, pour in the batter and spread it out. Fry on medium-low heat until there is no corn starch on the surface. Beat an egg, stir and spread out, sprinkle with black sesame seeds

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

6. Fry until the bubbling egg mixture at the bottom solidifies and turn it over, turn off the heat, brush with tomato sauce, add lettuce, ham, shredded pork, thin crisps, and roll it up.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe


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