Chinese Savior Crepe

Chinese Savior Crepe

by Lime Reviews

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Recently, everyone is staying at home to cook food, and all kinds of food have come out in the circle of friends. Today I also publish my own pancakes and fruits.
It’s very simple, it’s mainly delicious


Chinese Savior Crepe

1. Prepare the ingredients, wash the lettuce, and drain the water for later use

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

2. Put the soybean noodles, cornmeal and flour in a bowl.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

3. Add water and stir to make a batter

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

4. Cut the dumpling skin and ham sausage

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

5. Put oil in the pan, put the dumpling wrappers, and fry them until golden brown and remove them.
The biscuits with crackers are more delicious.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

6. In a pan or electric cake stall, flatten out, and when the cake is about to be shaped, pour the egg liquid

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

7. Sprinkle with black sesame seeds and fry them out.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

8. Turn the pie over and apply some soy sauce and sweet noodle sauce

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

9. Put on the dumplings with crispy skin, ham and lettuce, roll up from one end

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

10. The family version of the pancakes is ready. It’s not a problem to eat 2 for breakfast.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe


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