Chinese Savior Crepe

Chinese Savior Crepe

by Tian Luo girl

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It’s the last stop, Tianjin. In the lobby on the first floor of a youth hostel, I will bring you far-reaching greetings. At the same time, I will also bring you a Tianjin snack-pancakes and fruits.


Chinese Savior Crepe

1. First, mix 1 tablespoon of flour with an appropriate amount of water to form a moderately thick paste

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

2. After the flat-bottomed non-stick pan is heated, pour the batter into the pan

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

3. Spread it out with a spoon or spatula (it must be quick, the pan is very hot, I took a picture and spread it out and it turned out to be like this!!!)

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

4. An egg is knocked open and spread flat on the dough

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

5. Top with black sesame seeds and chives chopped green onion

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

6. Turn it over and spread a spoonful of soy sauce evenly on the back

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

7. Put two slices of thin crisps on top (you can use wonton wrappers to deep-fry thin crisps and save trouble)

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe


Chinese Savior Crepe recipe


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