Chinese Savior Crepe

Chinese Savior Crepe

by Xue Yao _Michelle

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Pancake fruit is the handle of the breakfast world! Why do you make pancakes, because there are two pancakes near my house, which are really not delicious! ! It’s really not easy to make pancakes with unpalatable fruits. How careless it is!
So if we want to eat pancakes in the morning, we will buy two fried dough sticks and make them ourselves. Like me, who can’t buy delicious pancakes, come together!


Chinese Savior Crepe

1. Put the water in the noodles and stir

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

2. My batter can’t be lifted, but it’s more difficult to spread it in the pan and it’s difficult to slide it. It needs to be scraped with a scraper.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

3. Alright, a large collection of ingredients. The sauce is made with sweet noodle sauce and bean paste 2:1. The bean sprouts are blanched. The meat is heated from yesterday’s elbow and cut into small pieces. You can also use intestines, ham, and bacon. You can also be crispy.

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

4. Put oil in the pot, low heat, and pour a spoonful of batter into it. If you like to eat thinner, pour the thicker ones, and then use a scraper to push the batter around. There are no loopholes. I didn’t pursue a roundness hahaha. Beat an egg in when the batter is about to set

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

5. Sprinkle black sesame seeds when the eggs are half-cooked, and chopped green onion when they are almost cooked

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

6. Turn it over and brush the sauce. Turning over is to say that it is better to turn the cake when it is cooked. If the cake is only solidified but not fully cooked, it will break or even fall apart when it is turned over. I turned it over by using a shovel to reach the middle of the cake, then lift it up and turn it over

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe

7. Put your favorite dishes, meat and deep-fried dough sticks, as long as you can pack them in, put them as you like! Then roll it up and it's OK!

Chinese Savior Crepe recipe


1. Corn noodles can be replaced with mung bean noodles. If it is water, it depends on the situation. My pot is about 30cm in diameter. This amount can make four or five.
2. If you feel that applying the batter is not easy to master, don't start the fire first, apply the batter and then fire
3. For the sauce, you can also put some hot sauce or the like, in short, don't be too single, nothing else, I wish everyone a good appetite


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