Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork

by Glutton Nonnon

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Before going to university, I only smelled the name for twice-cooked pork, but didn't taste it. After going to university, after having eaten cooked pork, I never forgot about it. At that time, I was reluctant to give it up because I couldn't eat it after graduation.
It is said that there has been a practice similar to twice-cooked pork in ancient times. Ming Dynasty Song Yi’s "Zhuyu Fangzabu" records: "Fried pork in oil, take cooked meat and finely chop (slice), put in hot oil and saute, use less soy sauce and wine, add pepper and green onion, Yihe Raw bamboo shoot shreds and rice white silk are exploded at the same time." This is very similar to the method of twice-cooked pork.
I have never dared to try to do it. I always feel that I can’t make that kind of taste. I have eaten it that my aunt made it, and I discussed how to make it by myself, and found that it’s quite simple. Don’t think so much before doing everything. In fact, many of them are not. It is not as difficult as imagined.
It’s just that it’s not spicy, so no chili is added, because there is no sauce such as bean paste, so the sauce is also saved, so this should be regarded as an improved version of [simple twice cooked pork].


Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork

1. Slice ginger and garlic, wash the star anise

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe

2. Wash the green onions and cut into sections

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe

3. Rinse the pork belly, blanch the water, put the blanched pork belly in a soup pot, add water just covering the surface of the meat, boil for 30 minutes, then use chopsticks to pierce it through.

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe

4. Remove the cooked meat, let cool, and slice the meat

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe

5. Pour a small amount of oil into the pan, add the meat slices, and stir-fry until the fat in the meat comes out and the meat becomes transparent. Shovel out of the pan

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe

6. Leave a little oil in the pot, add ginger and garlic and stir fry for a fragrance

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe

7. Pour the pork belly into the pot, cook with other seasonings, and stir-fry evenly

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe

8. When it comes out of the pan, pour in the shallots and stir-fry evenly, and out of the pan

Classic Dishes-twice-cooked Pork recipe


Nong Nong phrase:
Many people wait until the meat is cold before cutting it. That way, the fat and lean meat will easily break, and it will be hot when it is hot. If you want to cut out the same thickness of meat, you can dip the picked meat in cold water, and cut it when the outside is cold and the inside is hot.


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