Cod Stewed Tofu

Cod Stewed Tofu

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Cod Stewed Tofu

1. Set aside ginger slices and green onions, cut tofu into pieces, and cut cod into pieces

Cod Stewed Tofu recipe

2. Pour in the cod and starch, mix well

Cod Stewed Tofu recipe

3. Pour in 20ml of edible oil, heat the oil until 70% hot, add the cod, and fry until slightly yellow on both sides

Cod Stewed Tofu recipe

4. Pour in 5ml edible oil, sliced ginger, shallots, dried chili, and sauté on high heat

Cod Stewed Tofu recipe

5. Pour the light soy sauce, water, and boil on high heat

Cod Stewed Tofu recipe

6. Pour in cod, tofu, cooking wine, salt, boil over high heat, turn to medium and low heat and simmer for 30 minutes

Cod Stewed Tofu recipe


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