Cold Chicken

Cold Chicken

by meggy dancing apple

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A pound of chicken is the most suitable for cold salad. The meat is tender and not a lot. The clear soup of boiled chicken can be consumed directly after a meal, or a few greens can be added to make a green vegetable soup, or a few noodles can be added to make a delicious chicken noodle soup.


Cold Chicken

1. Broilers are removed and cleaned

Cold Chicken recipe

2. Put it into the saucepan with cold water and ginger

Cold Chicken recipe

3. After the water is boiled, skim the froth, pour in the cooking wine, cover and simmer for about 40 minutes

Cold Chicken recipe

4. Pull out the chicks and let them cool naturally

Cold Chicken recipe

5. Split the chicken into pieces, and if you like the cold taste, you can put in plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator for a period of time

Cold Chicken recipe

6. Chop fresh ginger, chives, and garlic into minced pieces, add salt, sugar, light soy sauce, aged vinegar, and tempeh hot sauce into a bowl, and mix into a sauce

Cold Chicken recipe

7. Pour the sauce evenly on the chicken nuggets, ready to eat

Cold Chicken recipe

8. The juice slowly penetrates into the meat, it is delicious

Cold Chicken recipe

9. The chilled chicken is more refreshing

Cold Chicken recipe


The young chicken is tender and tender, so you don't need to cook it for too long; the sauce can be adjusted according to your personal taste; add some vegetables or melons and mix together, the taste and nutrition are more comprehensive.


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