Cold Garlic Sauce

Cold Garlic Sauce

by 305495912

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In the end, I got a little bit angry, so I prefer a light taste. I mixed it out and my husband said it was good. I took it out and made a ugly thing, and shared it with everyone, just laughed! "


Cold Garlic Sauce

1. All raw materials

Cold Garlic Sauce recipe

2. Wash Jinzhenru, tear it apart and blanch it in hot water for one minute, pick up the cold water

Cold Garlic Sauce recipe

3. Shred carrots and cucumbers, boil water in a pot, boil them, and pick up the cold water

Cold Garlic Sauce recipe

4. Minced green onion and garlic

Cold Garlic Sauce recipe

5. Add in the prepared seasoning and mix for a while

Cold Garlic Sauce recipe

6. Okay simple

Cold Garlic Sauce recipe


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