Cold Tofu Shreds

Cold Tofu Shreds

by Squirrelfish 77

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Tofu shreds are simply mixed, it is a light and refreshing side dish, which is good for porridge and wine.


Cold Tofu Shreds

1. Prepare the ingredients.

Cold Tofu Shreds recipe

2. Cut the shredded tofu into small pieces and put them in a basin.

Cold Tofu Shreds recipe

3. Cut the red pepper and green onion into thin strips.

Cold Tofu Shreds recipe

4. Stir the balsamic vinegar, light soy sauce, sesame oil, and spicy oil evenly.

Cold Tofu Shreds recipe

5. Pour it on the shredded tofu.

Cold Tofu Shreds recipe

6. Stir it well and it's ready to eat.

Cold Tofu Shreds recipe

7. Light and refreshing, it is delicious with wine and porridge.

Cold Tofu Shreds recipe


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