Colorful Braised Rice

Colorful Braised Rice

by Charlotte doesn't cry

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Colorful braised rice is a rice that adults and children love to eat

Colorful Braised Rice

1. Diced carrots and green peas together and set aside

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

2. For the ham, I use chicken sausage, you can mix and match freely. Dice mushrooms and peppers for later use.

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

3. Peel and diced potatoes

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

4. Put corn oil in the pan to heat up, put the onion and garlic first, fry a few times, then add the ham and mushrooms to fry until fragrant.

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

5. Continue to add green beans, carrots and diced peppers, stir fry

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

6. Finally, put the diced potatoes, add the seasoning one after another, and continue to stir fry

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

7. Stir fry until the pot is more fragrant, and then you can add the washed rice!

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

8. Add the rice and continue to stir fry for a while, turn off the heat and add the rice and vegetables in the pot to the rice cooker, and then add an appropriate amount of water (add water according to the situation of your home appliance rice cooker, my high-pressure rice cooker is more water-saving, so I put less) and then Start cooking function, just wait!

Colorful Braised Rice recipe

9. The delicious colorful braised rice will be ready in 30 minutes! Is it very appetite? The picture of the finished product is not very good, but it tastes good!

Colorful Braised Rice recipe


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